致力于可持续发展 Committed to Sustainability

荷顿山市是可持续发展的领导者。荷顿山市以全球方式面对如气候变化这样的挑战,但将行动落实到地方一级。<The Town is a leader in sustainability. Halton Hills takes a global approach to challenges such as climate change, but takes action at the local level. >

荷顿山市在可持续发展的创新方面获得认可,获得了地方,区域,省,国家和国际各级的奖项。<Halton Hills has been recognized for its innovation in sustainability with awards at the local, regional, provincial, national and international levels. >



View Imagine Halton Hills, our Integrated Community Sustainability Strategy and for further information, please contact the Office of Sustainability.


Case Study: 

Read about the partnership between Sichuan Taiyi New Energy Development Corporation and South West Energy (SWE) in the Halton Hills Wenjiang Action Report of November 2017 (page 15.)  Sichuan Taiyi is a 40 year old company based in Wenjiang, China, specializing in solar panels, LED lights and other clean technologies.  Their extensive R&D has opened their interest in international markets; and SWE is now positioned to be a leading manufacturer of their products for all of Canada.  The two organizations' mutual interest in sustainable economic development, environmental protection and climate change was the catalyst for their discussions and partnership.




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