通往北美的门户 <Gateway to North America>


The Town is located in the Greater Toronto Area which is the economic engine of Canada with a population of about 7 million people.

荷顿山市位于大多伦多地区. 大多伦多地区是加拿大的经济引擎,人口约700万。


The Town is well serviced by all modes of transportation, including major highways, airports railways and marine shipping ports:



Major highways offer access to both the Canadian and United States markets.



Pearson International Airport, Canada’s largest airport, is located just 40 minutes away.



The John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport is located just 50 kilometers from Halton Hills

John C. Munro Hamilton国际机场距离荷顿山市仅有50公里。这个机场向北美提供全面的客运和货运服务。


The Canadian National (CN) railway line runs through Halton Hills, providing access to North America. Intermodal facilities are only minutes from the Halton Hills Premier Gateway.

加拿大的主要国家铁路线穿过荷顿山市,通往北美。联运设施距离荷顿山市Premier Gateway开发区仅有数分钟的路程。


Access to the St. Lawrence Seaway is easily accessible through the ports of Toronto and Hamilton. Both ports provide docking, loading/unloading and storage facilities.



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